Alpha 2 Omega Travel
P.O. Box 402128 Hesperia, CA 92340 US
Phone: (760) 985-3540

Our tours include:

  • Complete package includes: airfare, hotels with HB, farewell dinner, guide and driver fees, transfers and land transportation daily, all entrance fees on your itinerary, base tips, and airline taxes and fuel surcharges.
  • Land only package excludes airfare.
  • Itinerary: We can help design your itinerary based on your preferences and purpose of your tour. Also, any combination of our tours and extensions may be used to create your itinerary. Sample itineraries are available on our website.

Alpha 2 Omega Travel will:

  • Assist you in answering your questions, and help you organize your group.
  • Provide you with literature, such as brochures and registration forms.  We will also advertise on our website and in various venues.
  • Assist you in holding informational meetings.
  • Provide you with videos and further information to educate, inspire, and recruit your group.
  • Tour Coordinator available 24/7 throughout your tour.

We offer competitive pricing for any size group.

Available tour dates for 2023

Feb 20-March 2, Feb 27-Mar 9, March 13-23, March 20-30, Mar 27-Apr 6

Apr 10-20, Apr 17-27, Apr 24-May 4, May 1-11

May 8-18, May 15-25, May 22-Jun 1, May 29-Jun 8

Jun 5-15, Jun 12-22, Jun 19-29, Jun 26-Jul 6

Jul 3-13, Jul 10-20, Aug 28-Sept 7, Sept 4-14, Oct 9-19, Oct 16-26

Oct 23-Nov 2, Oct 30-Nov 9, Nov 6-16, Nov 13-23, Nov 20-30

Available tour dates for 2024 


Feb 5-15, Feb 12-22, Feb 19-29, Feb 26-Mar 7, Mar 4-14, Mar 11-21

Apr 1-11, Apr 8-18, May 6-16, May 13-23, May 20-30, May 28-Jun 7

Jun 3-13, Jun 10-20, Jun 17-27, Jun 25-July 5, Jul 2-12

Sept 3-13, Sept 9-19, Sept 16-26, Sept 23-Oct 3

Sept 30-Oct 10, Oct 28-Nov 7, Nov 4-14, Nov 11-21

Nov 18-28, Nov 25-Dec 5 






 Host a Discounted tour - 2023

Jan 3-12, Jan 10-19, Jan 17-26, Jan 24-Feb 2


Host a Discounted tour- 2024

Jan 2-12, Jan 9-18, Jan 16-25, Jan 23-Feb 1 



Host a Tour

​​Available tour dates for 2022 

Oct 31-Nov 10, Nov 7-17, Nov 14-24, Nov 21-Dec 1 




How to host a tour

As a group leader, you have the pleasure of gathering people who will go on your tour. Then, you serve as the spiritual leader or host for the group, and have the opportunity to receive a free or prorated travel package.

  • Organize a tour for your church, study group, or any other group.
  • Create an interest list.
  • Set up and hold an information meeting. This is usually done about 15-18 months in advance, with another meeting 11-12 months in advance.
  • Advertise the date for your informational meeting! Get people interested and committed to coming to that meeting.
  • Follow up with those who attend your meetings or have expressed interest in joining your tour group.
  • Make sure passport copies, deposits, and final payments have been submitted on time. If payments are given to you, send those payments to Alpha 2 Omega Travel.
  • Hold a brief pre-departure meeting or send a letter to participants about the flight information. Make sure everyone will be at the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure.